Make your dream come true in the Ardeca Ypres Rally!

Get the Full Ypres Experience in Division 1 or a Budget Friendly Experience in Division 2

It is a childhood dream for many rally drivers to be at the start of the Ypres Rally. It is one of the world’s most top rallies, where the best drivers have come to test themselves, and where spectators have grown up watching these top stars. Even the world championship battle took to the Ypres Rally tracks, when it was the only Belgian rally ever to count towards the FIA World Rally Championship in 2021 and 22. You can “play” the Ardeca Ypres Rally in the World Rally Championship official game… or you can actually realise your dream by being at the start of the Ardeca Ypres Rally on June 21 and 22.

After all, the Ardeca Ypres Rally a part of both Division 1 and Division 2 of the Belgian Rally Championship this year. Division 2 is a budget-friendly competition. It will only be held on Saturday and the registration fees are very reasonable, so that the dream of driving in Ypres is more reachable than ever.

18 stages and 225 km in Division 1

The Division 1 competition, let’s say the “full Ypres Experience” or the “big” Ardeca Ypres Rally, starts on Thursday evening with the traditional shakedown in Nieuwkerke. The rally starts on Friday afternoon with two loops of 4 stages, more specifically Reninge, Vleteren, Westouter and Mesen/Wijtschate, together covering 90 km against the clock on Friday evening. On Saturday, June 22, the drivers will complete a further 10 special stages. The Kemmelberg and Dikkebus stages will be held three times, while Watou and Zillebeke will each be held twice. The Saturday portion of the Division 1 event sees 134 competitive kilometres, bringing the total to 225 km.

Please note that all cars allowed in the Belgian Rally Championship are also allowed in the Division 1 competition. It is even possible to get to the start with a one-day license, which will cost just 115 euros (not for RC1, RC2 and RGT).

stages and 110 km on Saturday in Division 2

The Division 2 competition (not for RC2 and RGT) will start on Saturday, June 22 and all special stages will be held twice on Saturday: Kemmelberg, Dikkebus, Watou and Zillebeke, bringing the total of this competition to 110 competition kilometers.

To support the launch of the Division 2 Championship, the Ypres Rally entry fee for participants who took part in the Monteberg Rally on Sunday 5 May 2024 will be exactly the same.  This way, everyone, even participants with smaller cars, can realise their dream of participating in the Ypres Rally. RACB Sport has also adjusted the license prices for 2024 for the occasion. A day license is now offered for 90 euros (not for RC1, RC2 and RGT).

In short, this season you get a great opportunity to complete the stages of the Ardeca Ypres Rally on Friday 21 and Saturday 22 June! And don’t forget to prepare for the Monteberg Rally on Sunday May 5…

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