The Monteberg Rally is the second classic event organised by Club Superstage, the same club that brings you the Ypres Rally. Originally this rally was a hill climb, on the flanks of the Monteberg, well known for its challenges in the Ypres Rally.  Over the years, the competition grew into a rally sprint with an international appeal, with mainly British crews coming to the Westhoek with exotic and powerful cars to get a taste of the legendary course of the Ypres Rally.

 After 44 editions with one special stage on the Monteberg, the Monteberg became a Short Rally in 2017, with KP Busseboom almost doubling the program.  That year, the Dutchman Hans Weijs Jr added another international success to the list of achievements.

 From 2019, the Montberg Rally will be a full-fledged “rally” with three different special stages that will be completed several times.  The race around the Monteberg remains the ideal preparation for participants who also want to participate in the Ypres Rally a month and a half later.

 The 52nd edition of the Station Le Seau Monteberg Rally will be held on Sunday, May 5.  The race has 11 special stages, covering 121 km against the clock.  There are three different stages on the programme: Wijtschate (13.67 km), Monteberg (10.90 km) and Busseboom (7.81 km).  Busseboom is driven three times, Wijtschate and Monteberg four times.  The event starts at 8am and the finish is scheduled for the Grote Markt in Poperinge at 6pm.

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22-24 November 2024


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Ypres Regularity 2022

Ypres Regularity 2022