Ypres Historic Regularity – back to basics and an Ypres Revival Tour

Back to basics and a bonus with the Ypres Revival!

Club Superstage, along with Bjorn and Jens Vanoverschelde, the event sporting managers, enthusiastically announce the 6th edition of the Ypres Historic Regularity. The Ypres Historic Regularity remains one of the most respected and beloved historical regularity rallies in Europe. This year the competition will commence on Friday, 22 November, concluding on Sunday, 24 November. The event once again pays tribute to its origins, with some ingredients that revive the atmosphere of the very first edition, including the return of a recreational tour. 

Ypres Historic Regularity: a return to the past

The Ypres Historic Regularity 2024 promises to be an unforgettable experience for both participants and spectators. This year Club Superstage has decided to return to some of the original locations, creating a unique and authentic atmosphere reminiscent of the event’s early years, with the beautiful historic centre of Ypres as a backdrop. 

Another highlight of this year is the event moving to Friday and Saturday. The event traditionally starts on Friday evening, albeit an hour later, when the evening rush hour has completely disappeared.  The drivers will face a night-time ride and the stage will only end on… Saturday at 4 p.m.! It is an exciting and challenging experience that will certainly increase the excitement and bring back memories of the original rally. The drivers will have the luxury of a night’s sleep after Friday’s action but it will be shorter than usual! On Saturday at 4 p.m. participants will have the opportunity to enjoy the unique atmosphere in the historic centre of Ypres before starting the third and final competition day with the traditional Early Bird RT.

The sporting part still consists of about 40 regularity tests (including six completed regularity tests) with a high rhythm, as is the tradition of the Ypres Rally from the 1970s. During this 6th edition, we will also present some longer regularity tests and a finale stage that will hold the suspense until the end. The exact details will be kept as a secret for now.

Ypres Revival: an ode to 60 years of the Ypres Rally

There is more good news for Ypres Rally enthusiasts who want to experience the event without the pressure. Just like during the first edition, a tour will be organised once again and it will be accessible to everyone! The tour will be held on Saturday, 23 November, with start and finish in the centre of Ypres. Based on a clear road book, a 165 km route takes you along “Ypres Rally Points of Interest”, with the icing on the cake being a demo run on two regularity stages that are closed to traffic!

Regulations and registrations

The Supplementary Regulations are now available and provide detailed information about the route, rules and guidelines for participants. This documentation is essential for anyone taking part in the rally as it contains all the necessary details to complete the race safely and successfully.
You can register from 1 August, 8 p.m., for both the Ypres Historic Regularity and the Ypres Revival.

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