The Ardeca Ypres Rally, a world class event with international appeal

The Ardeca Ypres Rally, will see its 59th edition being run this year, is a competition with an illustrious history. For many years, the Ypres Rally was one of rounds of the FIA European Rally Championship that all the drivers wanted to win, and in 2021 and 2022 it became the only Belgian rally to be a part of the FIA World Rally Championship. The Ardeca Ypres Rally has a strong international appeal, meaning that we see some of the best international drivers at the start every year. This year the rally is marked on the calendar for 21 and 22 June, with shakedown taking place in Boezinge on Wednesday evening and the qualifying stage in Nieuwkerke on 20 June.

The Ardeca Ypres Rally will host the Belgian Rally Championship this year, with both the Division 1 and Division 2 up for grabs. On Saturday, the longest day of the rally, the D2 event will be held.

The rally headquarters, the stage and the service park are located on the Grote Markt of Ypres, in a unique, historic and, above all, cozy setting.

Division 1 and Division 2

Make your dream come true!


About Ypres Rally

Ticket sales and practical information

Tickets can be bought online from Friday 12 April 18:30.

All Stages tickets are currently on sale, as well as individuel tickets for both the Boezinge and Nieuwkerke Shakedowns. The All Stages tickets give access to all special stages, including the Noël Franklin Shakedown Boezinge and the Clarebout Potatoes Shakedown Nieuwkerke.

After purchasing your ticket, you will receive an email with an e-ticket in PDF format. Each ticket should be exchanged for a wristband at the ticket shop. A programme booklet will also be available there. The ticket shop(s) will be open from Tuesday 18 June and venues will be announced on the social media pages and on this website.


Spectator areas have been set up on each special stage during the rally. The spectator zones are easily accessible with parking nearby, various facilities, marshals present and they provide a safe rally experience. Respecting the safety rules is essential for the running of the rally. Listen to the marshals and respect their work.

The special stages are only accessible through a ticket point with a correct wristband and at a specific time. There is no access to the special stages outside the scheduled times.

About Ypres Rally

Safety first!

Respect the Marshals
They volunteer to ensure your safety and that of the pilots

Respect the surroundings and the environment
Do not damage crops and property

Never walk in ‘No public zones’
Public in those zones = special stage STOPPED

Do not walk on the track from 30 minutes before the first rally car
RACB and Safety Marshals may stop the special stage

Clean up your rubbish
Keep the surroundings clean as you would wish

Additional practical information
The parking of vehicles near the SS is only allowed in the parking areas defined by the organisers.

The organisers reserve the right to make changes to the programme of the event. Let’s make it a safe rally for everyone!

About Ypres Rally
About Ypres Rally
About Ypres Rally