Registrations are open for the Ardeca Ypres Rally!

There is no rest for Club Superstage! While we are enjoying the 52nd Bernard Degroote Monteberg Rally on Sunday, the Club has been working hard behind the scenes to prepare for the Ardeca Ypres Rally 2024. Registrations have been opened for the Ardeca Ypres Rally, which will be held on 21-22 June and the first entries have already been received. Olivier and Emile Breittmayer will be at the start line with their BMW M3 E30 and Citroën C3 Rally2 respectively!

It is also a great opportunity to clarify the differences between the Division 1 and Division 2 competitions of the Belgian Rally Championship…

The Ardeca Ypres Rally Division 1 has 18 special stages, covering 222.57 km against the clock. The competition is spread over two days. On Friday, 21 June, two rounds of 4 tests will be run from 3:00pm: Vleteren (11.97 km), Westouter (7.32 km), Mesen-Wijtschate (15.12 km) and Zonnebeke (10.18 km). The first car returns to Ypres around 9:45pn. On Saturday the race continues from 9:45 am with two loops of four stages: Kemmelberg (13.72 km), Dikkebus (13.65 km), Watou (13.17 km) and Zillebeke (12.47 km). In the third round, only KP Kemmelberg and Dikkebus are driven for a third time. The finish podium is planned for the Market at 8:00pm.

In Division 1, all cars competing in the Belgian championship are allowed, including Historic cars, GTs and cars in the NAT classes.

The competition in Division 2 will only be held on Saturday, over the first 8 special stages of the day, i.e. the two loops with Kemmelberg (13.72 km), Dikkebus (13.65 km), Watou (13.17 km) and Zillebeke (12.47 km). A total of 106.02 km are completed against the clock.

The competition in Division 2 is open to all cars competing in the Belgian championship, except cars from the RC2 and RGT classes. Anyone who wants to score points in the 2WD Trophy (cars of the NAT2 and NAT3 classes on commercial petrol and with conventional tires) can only do so in the Division 2 competition.

In this way, amateurs from the region who want to taste the atmosphere on the Grote Markt in Ypres and who want to participate in the Ypres Rally stages with a car from a smaller class. It is a unique opportunity to try out this unique event. Additionally, anyone who is at the start of the Bernard Degroote Monteberg Rally this weekend with a car from the NAT2 and NAT3 class will also be able to drive the D2 round in Ypres for the same amount of money as what was paid for the Monteberg. So for 585 euros you can drive in the Ardeca Rally Division 2!

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