Ypres Regularity

A regularity for all from 1-3 December

The fifth Ypres Historic Regularity will be held on the weekend of December 1-3, a week later than originally planned to avoid a clash with the Spa Rally. Now everyone can enjoy the Club Superstage season finale. In addition to the International Ypres Historic Regularity, the full three-day competition, a two-day “National” Ypres Historic Regularity will be held for the first time. It is more intended for local drivers who want to get acquainted with the discipline. The fifth edition of the Ypres Historic Regularity will therefore be more accessible than ever before.

A 37km “Early Bird” to test the crews!

The International Ypres Historic Regularity stays true to the heritage of the sport with the opening loop taking place in the dark on Friday evening, with 200 km of competition awaiting the crews. A long stage will follow on Saturday with 80% brand new regularity indicators and 2 stages of about 20 km in length. A serious sporting challenge for the drivers and navigators. If last year is anything to go by, it will be important to be awake on Sunday morning. The final stage starts with an “Early Bird” stage of no less than 37 km! The rally will finish around noon in Ypres. The Ypres Historic Regularity returns to concept of the first editions, with a combination of classic regularity tests and 5 closed road stages, evoking memories of the early years.

One-time National Ypres Historic Regularity

To celebrate the fifth anniversary, a one-time ‘National Ypres Historic Regularity’ side event will be held. The crews in the national side rally will drive 70% of the evening stage on Friday evening. On Saturday they will be presented with the full stage, including the ‘closed road stages’ and the same reception on the Markt in the centre of Ypres. The side rally is mainly intended for local riders who want to experience the event. 

The regulations and the program are already available on the website. You can register from 1 August with an attractive discount. Don’t miss the offer and make a note of December 1-3 for the fifth edition of the Ypres Historic Regularity.

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