Ypres Regularity

A prestigious new partner has joined Ypres Historic Regularity, which will be held this year on December 1, 2 and 3.  Momento, the Swiss watch brand, who stands for precision and quality, will partner the fifth edition of the Ypres Historic Regularity. Momento and the Ypres Historic Regularity share these characteristics, and are a perfect combination for the event.

“Momento is the translation of ‘the moment’ in Esperanto. A moment is a very precise point in time. It is also the name of an independent Swiss watch brand, conceived and dreamed about in 2020 and launched in 2023, symbolically a few days before the announcement of  the partnership with the Ypres Historic Regularity,” said Marvin Morales of Momento.  “The Momento brand wants to be close to the customer, so that there is a very close link between the customer’s wishes and the creation of the timepiece. Momento stands for aesthetic beauty and quality products, adhering to the high quality standards that customers expect from a Swiss  timepiece. Momento presents watches that put a smile on your face and that are, above all, timeless. This is the beginning of a very beautiful story.”

The Ypres Historic Regularity is proud of its collaboration with Momento, the newly established Swiss watch brand that stands for quality and precision, just like the Club Superstage.  The link with time and precision makes the collaboration even stronger for an event such as a Regularity.

During the weekend of 1-3 December, Club Superstage will once again open the now famous Winter Bar during the Ypres Historic Regularity. Participants can expect a customised atmosphere and, in collaboration with our new partner, a nice surprise to celebrate the event’s 5th anniversary in style.

Registrations for the 5th Ypres Historic Regularity are coming in quickly.  With 50 registrations received, starting places for the shakedown and hotel packages are already becoming scarce.  Don’t wait any longer, because the discount rate for early registrations still applies until Saturday evening, September 30.

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